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September 23, 2008
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Salome, Queen of Heads by Fareons Salome, Queen of Heads by Fareons
Originally, the blood was done with tomato sauce, but I changed my mind.

It's better with ketchup.

Ok, the first thing I'm gonna do is to give credits:
[link] - paper texture
[link] - for the cloth patterns

This picture it's supposed -supposed- to represent the myth of Salome and the Prophet from the bible.
And yes, I' aware that the high contrast in this picture can rape your eyes.
Well, mine did lose their virginity long time ago, and I assure you it's nothing to complain about.

Uncolored version (wich means that your eyes are safe): [link]
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Beautiful. The Dear John Letter is hilarious!
Shadow-Trooper Oct 31, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's totally awesome! This smile and that severed head! Wonderful!
Shadow-Trooper Nov 1, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome
Shadow-Trooper Oct 31, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Forgot to say - nothing wrong with it. Everything's stylized from top to bottom, everything looks great, and this notebook spiral at the side is an awesome touch!
from *GimmeFeedback

This isn't the kinda theme I normally enjoy to look at, so I'm gonna keep my comment on the style.
I like the kinda messy and sketchy feel of this combined with the smudged-paper-background (great idea to add the text to it) in contrast to the clear (and beautiful) patterns. I would love the colours if it wasn't for the pink and bright green parts - it's not that they rape my eyes, they just don't fit to the rest and I don't think this adds to the picture. Also I don't think the structure on the blood works well, it just doesn't look much like liquid anymore with the pencil strokes so visible. If her skirt doesn't have a very extraordinary cut, there should be more folds visible where it has been shoved up her leg to show the letter at her thigh. Aaand her face seems to wide to me.
That's all for now, I hope it's been understandable and a wee bit helpful :D
I do agree on all what you said :)
The messy sketch feel was a bit my fault, I gotta say, I wasn't feeling like clenaing the drawing :hmm:
But the pink parts are an error, now that I look at them, but I just do love the green ones. I guess it's because it's my fav color.
And about the blood... I did never intend to make it look realist, so I' not surprised you think it looks bad. I think it too^^

But the face thing it's different, cause the drawing it's actually based on a real person I know, and it was a pain to draw her until I discovered that I was failing about the wideness of the head.

Oh, and the dress did have folds, but the sketch it's messy and you can barely see them, besides I didn't add shading, so It's not like they show up.

Definetely, I should put more effort into the drawings.

Thank you so much!
I know you didn't shade this and I've seen the faint lines indicating folds BUT I still think there should be mooooore. Just imagine, normally there would be loads of fabric covering her leg (at least judging from the length of the skirt at the back) - now this is all shoved up her leg to reveal the letter, producing lots of small folds or several big ones. The fabric should really overlap because it doesn't have any place to go. In addition to that, it's being bent up at pretty much the same point - where she holds out her leg - which will create even more folds. See what I mean?
Also, on further inspection, I think the line you used to indicate the lower part of her left breast (from our point of vies) is too far to the right. Unless she's wearing a Push-up-Bra, her breasts will follow the laws of gravity (sad but true) hers seems to stick out.
And see the V shaped lines at her decolté? I always argue with my boyfriend about those, and I really think they only appear when wearing Push-Ups, for the same reasons described above.
Just my 2 cents :D
I'd call it a dollar, not 2 cents!

You'll have to forgive me about the breast thing, but I happen to be a guy, and I don't really know much about them, neither I can use my own as reference.
Anyways, it's good to know that those push ups bras exist.

And yes, I do deeply agree with that there are not enough folds, even if I was going for silk kind of clothes. I NEED to do folds that have more volume.
Thanks for everything!

Now I ought to give LONG critqiues to your works too^^
Well I happen to be a girl/woman/somethinginbetween/can'tdecide so I can tell you what it should look like. I even put on a skirt to make sure I was right about the folds (I'm not joking) so it's up to you whether you think I'm highly sophisticated or highly insecure :D

I would love long critiques, watch out for my next portrait, it's due the next 2 or 3 days and I tried to keep in mind all the stuff you guys told me about my last :aww:
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